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Ludum Dare 24

I made an entry for Ludum Dare, which is a 48 hour game making competition.  The theme this time was evolution, so I made a game based around the your character evolving and getting new abilities as the game progresses.  My entry is called Slimevolution, and you can play it here.   Play as a slime that evolves the more it eats, and use you evolution to defeat your enemies. Gain friends, defeat bats and alligators.  You can also eat alligator ham!

This isn’t my first Ludum Dare, but it is my first one using Flash.  Flash took a bit longer, but I think that is only because I’m not as experienced with it.  Had lots of fun, and will be doing it again.  I really hope that everyone enjoys it, and I’t would be awesome if I won!