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Demon Decimator is now out!

Click Here to Play!

Demon Decimator is now out on Newgrounds.  It is a puzzle game where you have to slide the demons into the lava to destroy them.  There are many mechanics in the game to help you.  This is my first puzzle game, I hope you enjoy it!  It you want to read more about it please read my previous posts.


Ludum Dare 24

I made an entry for Ludum Dare, which is a 48 hour game making competition.  The theme this time was evolution, so I made a game based around the your character evolving and getting new abilities as the game progresses.  My entry is called Slimevolution, and you can play it here.   Play as a slime that evolves the more it eats, and use you evolution to defeat your enemies. Gain friends, defeat bats and alligators.  You can also eat alligator ham!

This isn’t my first Ludum Dare, but it is my first one using Flash.  Flash took a bit longer, but I think that is only because I’m not as experienced with it.  Had lots of fun, and will be doing it again.  I really hope that everyone enjoys it, and I’t would be awesome if I won!

Fluunix Development: Random Enemies

This is just a random video of me testing a potential enemy for my upcoming game Fluunix.  All the enemies are little devil like creatures and the one in this video is really weird.   I wonder if it has ever been done before.  It fires a bullet at you, but you have to worry even if you are far away.  No matter how far away you are, it fires the bullet so it will hit you in half a second.  This is why in the video, some bullets are barely moving, and some rush off the screen.  I like it, and might keep it, but will probably lower the time it takes the bullet to reach you.

This wasn’t even on purpose, I was just trying to get the bullet to fire at the player, and it just happened.  I might also use this code for a homing land mine, one that speeds up when it is close to you and slows down when it is far away.  What do you think of this.

Fluunix Development: Graphics and Movement

This is just a quick video that shows some of my progress in the game I am currently developing, Fluunix.  It shows how the player moves and what the game will look like, thought graphics will be improved before it is released.  It also shows off the automatic tiling I coded in, because I was to lazy to tile the game, I made the walls automatically tile themselves.  This will save me a lot of time in the future when I am designing levels.


This is just a preview and does not reflect the quality of the finished game.

ShootDodgeCry a space survival shooter!

ShootDodgeCry is now out!

ShootDodgeCry a space survival shooter!

A screenshot from my new game ShootDodgeCry, click the picture or title to play it!  You play as an lone space ship in the middle of an asteroid field, battling with a variety of aliens. Pixel style graphics and classic high score based gameplay. Get stronger with many powerful powerups.  There are also random lasers!  Hope you enjoy it!

This is one of the shorter projects that I made while learning to code with AS3.  I learned a lot while making it, like writing text, random chances, timers, and using classes better.  I almost know everything I need to know to make the games I usually make, but I’ll still be making short projects for the time being.