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Demon Decimator: Sneak Peak

Remember that puzzle game I was talking about?  While it has a name now, it is called Demon Decimator.  It is coming along well, and will be out soon.  I hope.  What is going on is there are demons trapped in glass cubed and you have to burn them before they escape.  You slide them around and use the other mechanisms to help you drop them into pits of lava.  Here is a video of it in action.

If you’ve read the previous post about it, then you probably notice a few differences.  The HUD at the side looks a lot nice, and has a bunch more stuff in it, like buttons to pause and mute the game, and your nice friend death motivating you with nice quotes.  Other then that the changes are mainly new levels and mechanics.  Still having lots of fun working on this.


Making a Puzzle Game: Level Design

I’m making a new game, and it will be a puzzle game.  No action, no shooting, just a strict puzzler.  While this might seem like it’s not a big deal, it is for me because this is actually my first time trying to make a puzzle game, before I’ve mainly made shooters and platformers.  Before I start talking, here is a screen shot (click for better quality), I’ll talk more about the actual game later, I’m going to talk about level design for now.

Designing a level in a puzzle game is somewhat different to what I’m used to.  You have to try and make the player use their brain power to solve whatever you put in from of them,  instead of making them use timing or skill like I usually do.   Personally I find it a lot hared then making the normal games I make, but it is nice to try something new, which is why I’m doing this.

My method for actually making the level is this:  I think of one main idea and make it into a puzzle, or make small sections of the puzzle at a time, and add them all together in the end.   For example in the screenshot of the game I’m working on now above this, you have to get the characters to fall in the lava.  They both start at the top, and the only place that they can get to the magma from is the bottom centre.  It is easy to get one character in the right place, but the hard part is getting the second one in.  You need to get one in and then help the second character in with the first.  This is the main idea I had while making this level, and I just kept trying until I got something that I felt fit my idea.

I hope someone under stood that and I’m not just rambling, and that anyone who read this isn’t bored to death.  Sorry if you just want to hear about the games, not just how I make them, but next time it will be about the game, I promise!  Trailer and more about this game will come in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.