Free Games

Hyper Pixel Man

Hyper Pixel Man is a lightning fast action platformer with 1-Bit pixelated graphics! Play 35+ levels while jumping from platform to platform and dodging spikes, saws, bullets, and explosions. There are two ways to play, with unlimited lives or with a limited number of lives.  Personally, I like this one a lot and it is probably my favourite in the pixel man series.  However, some people think the player moves to fast making it impossible, but some people also seem to like it a lot.

Demon Decimator

Demon Decimator is a game about burning demons in lava.  There are pretty bad, so that is acceptable.  Use many mechanisms to help you accomplish your task.  This game is my first puzzle game.  Ever.


Fluunix is a platformer where you play as a purple balloon trapped in a labyrinth in the sky.  You can fly and there is a survival element in the game.  There are many types of enemies try and escape from, you have to run, as balloons can’t fight.  This game is difficult like all my other games, but the graphics are a lot more colourful.  This is my first game to get sponsored, so it has to be good, right?


Just a quick game I made while learning AS3.  You play as an lone space ship in the middle of an asteroid field, battling with a variety of aliens. Pixel style graphics and classic high score based gameplay. Can you get the top score?  Get stronger with many powerful powerups, like double shots.

Super Pixel Man Void

Featured on Newgrounds!  This is the first flash game I have made, and I learned a lot while making it. I am quite proud of this short and simple game. There are 20 levels, and it does get pretty difficult. It has an old-school arcade type feel, with very fast paced gameplay. If your wondering about the bad music, it’s kinda the thing I do with this series. This game is a sequel to my game Super Pixel Man, which won a FreeWare Pick from

Super Pixel Man+

You have to download this one.  It is an old school, hardcore, arcade, action platformer,  when you die you have to start the game over.  Warning this game is incredibly hard and not that good, I went overboard on difficulty, so it is almost unplayable.  It has 40 levels, 5 bosses, simple, but goof looking pixel art, collectables, secrets, many gameplay mechanics and one super long level if you can finish the game with enough of the collectables. It is the sequel to my older game, Super Pixel Man, which actually won an award from

Super Pixel Man

You have to download this on too.  A very small, hard, and annoying game. It has very simple pixel graphics that work well.  It is an endurance platformer, which means that once you run out of lives you have to restart.  Not as hard as its sequel, but it is better.  The music is an enemy too, and there is no mute button.  It won a Freeware Pick from


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  2. Ernesto says :

    Great Job! Realy! But how do i open Pixel Man (and pixelman +) on Mac?

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