Demon Decimator is now out!

Click Here to Play!

Demon Decimator is now out on Newgrounds.  It is a puzzle game where you have to slide the demons into the lava to destroy them.  There are many mechanics in the game to help you.  This is my first puzzle game, I hope you enjoy it!  It you want to read more about it please read my previous posts.


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2 responses to “Demon Decimator is now out!”

  1. Applied Gaming (@apocralyptic) says :

    Patrick Klepek from Giant Bomb mentioned this game in one of his recent posts, so I decided to check it out, and really enjoyed it! You managed to add some interesting twists to one of my favorite classic puzzle styles. (I always loved this brand of sliding puzzle whenever it would show up in various RPGs). You should release this for iOS!

    • pixelulsar says :

      Glad you enjoyed the game! I would love to release for iOS, but I’ve never tried before, so it will be a while. I also would need to get an Apple computer to do that.
      Maybe sometime in the future, and would love to try one day.

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